SDG In (AUIQ) 16- السلام والعدل والمؤسسات القوية

Al -Ayen University Articles on the Sustainable Development Goal (16- Peace, justice and strong institutions)

No. Title 
1Design a Mathematical Planning Approach to Optimize the Supply Chain Taking Into Account Uncertainties In Distributors
2Design of low-energy buildings in densely populated urban areas based on IoT
3Phytochemical profile, in vivo anti-inflammatory and wound healing activities of the aqueous extract from aerial parts of Cistus ladanifer L
4Corruption in Public Offices: A Way to Reduce Corrupt Practices
5Critical Evaluation of Colonial Shadow of America Over Middle East: With Specific Reference to John Updike’s The Terrorist
6Violation of Patent and Intellectual Property in Iraq: A Perspective of Cybercrimes
7Cyberbullying of Household Women in Iraq: A Critical View for Prohibition of Violence
8Enhancing E-learning Quality by Examining the Effects of Key Factors in Iraqi Higher Education Institutions
9Optimal Energy Scheduling of Appliances in Smart Buildings Based on Economic and Technical Indices
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