SDG In (AUIQ) 13- العمل المناخي

Al -Ayen University Articles on the Sustainable Development Goal (13-Climate action)

No. Title 
2Survey of ground beetles inhabiting agricultural crops in south-east Kazakhstan [Levantamento de besouros terrestres que habitam plantações agrícolas no sudeste do Cazaquistão]
3Agrobiological evaluations of newly introduced grapes varieties under climatic conditions of the south of Kazakhstan [Avaliações agrobiológicas de variedades de uvas recém-introduzidas sob as condições climáticas do sul do Cazaquistão]
4Deep clustering of cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning to optimize multi chiller HVAC systems for smart buildings energy management
5Leveraging microalgae utilization for anthropogenic CO2 emission abatement in Malaysian urban centre: Revisiting the sustainable development goal (SDG-13)
6An integrated GIS-based multivariate adaptive regression splines-cat swarm optimization for improving the accuracy of wildfire susceptibility mapping
7Environmental Impacts of the Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the Context of Globalization
8Swapping of optical vorticity in a three-level coherent media
9Projecting spatiotemporal changes of precipitation and temperature in Iraq for different shared socioeconomic pathways with selected Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6
10Hybrid wavelet-gene expression programming and wavelet-support vector machine models for rainfall-runoff modeling
11Graph neural network for integrated water network partitioning and dynamic district metered areas
12Coupled data pre-processing approach with data intelligence models for monthly precipitation forecasting
13Computational assessment of groundwater salinity distribution within coastal multi-aquifers of Bangladesh
14Coupled online sequential extreme learning machine model with ant colony optimization algorithm for wheat yield prediction
15Cyanobacteria blue-green algae prediction enhancement using hybrid machine learning–based gamma test variable selection and empirical wavelet transform
16Design of low-energy buildings in densely populated urban areas based on IoT
17MXene/metal and polymer nanocomposites: Preparation, properties, and applications
18Effects of water shortage on food legume crops
19Theoretical analysis for miscellaneous soliton waves in metamaterials model by modification of analytical solutions
20Practice of intercropping and its impact on legume productivity in Egypt
21Investigating the relationship between land alteration and the urban heat island of Seville city using multi-temporal Landsat data
22Multi-step daily forecasting of reference evapotranspiration for different climates of India: A modern multivariate complementary technique reinforced with ridge regression feature selection
23The effect of green belt as an environmentally friendly approach on energy consumption reduction in buildings
24Delineation of urban expansion influences urban heat islands and natural environment using remote sensing and GIS-based in industrial area
25Assessment of Urban Green Space Dynamics Influencing the Surface Urban Heat Stress Using Advanced Geospatial Techniques
26Forecasting Daily Flood Water Level Using Hybrid Advanced Machine Learning Based Time-Varying Filtered Empirical Mode Decomposition Approach
27Earth skin temperature long-term prediction using novel extended Kalman filter integrated with Artificial Intelligence models and information gain feature selection
28Households’ perceptions and socio-economic determinants of climate change awareness: Evidence from Selangor Coast Malaysia
29Effects of Irrigation Method and Water Flow Rate on Irrigation Performance, Soil Salinity, Yield, and Water Productivity of Cauliflower
30Efficient Heat Transfer Augmentation in Channels with Semicircle Ribs and Hybrid Al2O3-Cu/Water Nanofluids
31Delineation of urban expansion and drought-prone areas using vegetation conditions and other geospatial indices
32Effects of short-term exposure to the heavy metal, nickel chloride (Nicl2) on gill histology and osmoregulation components of the gray mullet, Mugil cephalus
33Corruption in Public Offices: A Way to Reduce Corrupt Practices
34Forecasting weekly reference evapotranspiration using Auto Encoder Decoder Bidirectional LSTM model hybridized with a Boruta-CatBoost input optimizer
35Long-term multi-step ahead forecasting of root zone soil moisture in different climates: Novel ensemble-based complementary data-intelligent paradigms
36Groundwater level prediction using machine learning models: A comprehensive review
37Natural Time Series Parameters Forecasting: Validation of the Pattern-Sequence-Based Forecasting (PSF) Algorithm; A New Python Package
38Distributed Hydrological Model Based on Machine Learning Algorithm: Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Floods
39Delineating the Crop-Land Dynamic due to Extreme Environment Using Landsat Datasets: A Case Study
40Effect of land use land cover changes on land surface temperature during 1984–2020: a case study of Baghdad city using landsat image
41Predictability performance enhancement for suspended sediment in rivers: Inspection of newly developed hybrid adaptive neuro-fuzzy system model
42Comprehensive comparison of various machine learning algorithms for short-term ozone concentration prediction
43Dynamics analysis of a novel hybrid deep clustering for unsupervised learning by reinforcement of multi-agent to energy saving in intelligent buildings
44Temperature and precipitation trend analysis of the Iraq Region under SRES scenarios during the twenty-first century
45Integrative artificial intelligence models for Australian coastal sediment lead prediction: An investigation of in-situ measurements and meteorological parameters effects
46Temporal dynamic drought interpretation of Sawa Lake: case study located at the Southern Iraqi region
47Efficiency of Purified Laccase from Pseudomonas Spp. as Bioremediator Agent in Gasoline Contaminated Soils
48Reference evapotranspiration prediction using high-order response surface method
49On the prediction of methane fluxes from pristine tropical peatland in Sarawak: application of a denitrification–decomposition (DNDC) model
50Assessing the Efficiency of Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Algorithms to Quantify Wheat Characteristics in the Nile Delta Region of Egypt
51Boosted artificial intelligence model using improved alpha-guided grey wolf optimizer for groundwater level prediction: Comparative study and insight for federated learning technology
52Mutating fuzzy logic model with various rigorous meta-heuristic algorithms for soil moisture content estimation
53Comparison of machine learning techniques for predicting porosity of chalk
54Daily scale evapotranspiration prediction over the coastal region of southwest Bangladesh: new development of artificial intelligence model
55Violation of Patent and Intellectual Property in Iraq: A Perspective of Cybercrimes
56Impact of pollution caused by salmon breeding centers on river water quality
57Analyzing the role of environmental citizenship in addressing consequences of climate change from a social perspective
58An Analysis of Urban Block Initiatives Influencing Energy Consumption and Solar Energy Absorption
59Megacities’ environmental assessment for Iraq region using satellite image and geo-spatial tools
60Effect of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) on Respiratory Diseases and the Risk Factors Related to Cancer
61New soliton waves and modulation instability analysis for a metamaterials model via the integration schemes
62Effects of global warming on insect behaviour in agriculture
63Stress-Strain Relationships and Failure Load Analysis of Cement-Stabilized Rammed Earth under Concentric and Eccentric Loading Using Finite Element Modelling
64Optimal Energy Scheduling of Appliances in Smart Buildings Based on Economic and Technical Indices
65Modeling and optimization of the adsorptive removal of crystal violet dye by durian (Durio zibethinus) seeds powder: insight into kinetic, isotherm, thermodynamic, and adsorption mechanism
66Analyzing food production risk with Monte Carlo simulation
67Developing Smart Self Orienting Solar Tracker for Mobile PV Power Generation Systems
68Evaluating the hydrophilic antioxidant capacity in different citrus genotypes
69Integration of Multiple Models with Hybrid Artificial Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm for Soil Cation-Exchange Capacity Prediction
70Student Performance Predictions for Advanced Engineering Mathematics Course With New Multivariate Copula Models
71A review on material analysis of food safety based on fluorescence spectrum combined with artificial neural network technology
72Environmental and Energy Efficiency as a Criterion for Sustainable Agriculture
73Deep learning versus gradient boosting machine for pan evaporation prediction
74A novel intelligent deep learning predictive model for meteorological drought forecasting
75Maximization of Water Productivity and Yield of Two Iceberg Lettuce Cultivars in Hydroponic Farming System Using Magnetically Treated Saline Water
76Discharge coefficient prediction of canal radial gate using neurocomputing models: an investigation of free and submerged flow scenarios
77Integration of extreme gradient boosting feature selection approach with machine learning models: application of weather relative humidity prediction
78Advanced machine learning models development for suspended sediment prediction: comparative analysis study
79The assessment of emerging data-intelligence technologies for modeling Mg+2 and SO4−2 surface water quality
80Projection of agricultural water stress for climate change scenarios: A regional case study of Iraq
81Streamflow prediction using an integrated methodology based on convolutional neural network and long short-term memory networks
82Variational mode decomposition based random forest model for solar radiation forecasting: New emerging machine learning technology
83Outdoor thermal comfort optimization through vegetation parameterization: Species and tree layout
84Investigation into the permeability and strength of pervious geopolymer concrete containing coated biomass aggregate material
85Improving streamflow prediction using a new hybrid ELM model combined with hybrid particle swarm optimization and grey wolf optimization
86Determination of cotton and wheat yield using the standard precipitation evaporation index in Pakistan
87Drought variability and characteristics in the muda river basin of malaysia from 1985 to 2019
88Exploring the exhaust emission and efficiency of algal biodiesel powered compression ignition engine: Application of box–behnken and desirability based multi‐objective response surface methodology
89Functionalization of remote sensing and on-site data for simulating surface water dissolved oxygen: Development of hybrid tree-based artificial intelligence models
90Designing low-cost capacitive-based soil moisture sensor and smart monitoring unit operated by solar cells for greenhouse irrigation management
91Solving the pan evaporation process complexity using the development of multiple mode of neurocomputing models
92Prediction of copper ions adsorption by attapulgite adsorbent using tuned-artificial intelligence model
93River water level prediction in coastal catchment using hybridized relevance vector machine model with improved grasshopper optimization
94A functional autoregressive model based on exogenous hydrometeorological variables for river flow prediction
95Simulation model for optimal operation of Dokan Dam reservoir northern of Iraq
96Modeling soil temperature using air temperature features in diverse climatic conditions with complementary machine learning models
97The development of evolutionary computing model for simulating reference evapotranspiration over Peninsular Malaysia
98A Monte Carlo based solar radiation forecastability estimation
99Daily scale river flow simulation: hybridized fuzzy logic model with metaheuristic algorithms
100Improving daily stochastic stream flow prediction: comparison of novel hybrid data-mining algorithms
101Sourcing CHIRPS precipitation data for streamflow forecasting using intrinsic time-scale decomposition based machine learning models
102On the investigation of COVID-19 lockdown influence on air pollution concentration: regional investigation over eighteen provinces in Iraq
103Estimating snow cover area in south of Turkey using the Normalized Difference Snow Index (NDSI) form MODIS Satellite Images
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