SDG In (AUIQ) 12- الاستهلاك والإنتاج المسؤولان

Al -Ayen University Articles on the Sustainable Development Goal (12-Responsible consumption and production)

No. Title 
1Deep clustering of cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning to optimize multi chiller HVAC systems for smart buildings energy management
2Modeling and Optimizing the Charge of Electric Vehicles with Genetic Algorithm in the Presence of Renewable Energy Sources
3Solamen Vaillanti Mollusk Powder as an Efficient Biosorbent for Removing Cobalt Ions from Aqueous Solution: Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies
4Design a promising non-precious electro-catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells
5Leveraging microalgae utilization for anthropogenic CO2 emission abatement in Malaysian urban centre: Revisiting the sustainable development goal (SDG-13)
6Degradation of amoxicillin under a UV or visible light photocatalytic treatment process using Fe2O3/bentonite/TiO2: Performance, kinetic, degradation pathway, energy consumption, and toxicology studies
7A pH-Sensitive Surface of Chitosan/Sepiolite Clay/Algae Biocomposite for the Removal of Malachite Green and Remazol Brilliant Blue R Dyes: Optimization and Adsorption Mechanism Study
8Environmental Impacts of the Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the Context of Globalization
9How the government and private sectors in Egypt contribute to the country's environmental issues (An environmental economic approach)
10Optimizing the Interaction Between Two Closed-Loop Supply Chains Based on Inverse Logistics Using the Game Theory Method
11Design a Mathematical Planning Approach to Optimize the Supply Chain Taking Into Account Uncertainties In Distributors
12Adsorption properties of B12N12, AlB11N12, and GaB11N12 nanostructure in gas and solvent phase for phenytoin detecting: A DFT study
13Dispersive solid phase microextraction based on magnesium oxide nanoparticles for preconcentration of auramine O and methylene blue from water samples
14Cyanobacteria blue-green algae prediction enhancement using hybrid machine learning–based gamma test variable selection and empirical wavelet transform
15MXene/metal and polymer nanocomposites: Preparation, properties, and applications
16Mechanical properties of concrete containing recycled aggregate from construction waste
17Investigating the relationship between land alteration and the urban heat island of Seville city using multi-temporal Landsat data
18Mesoporous high-surface-area activated carbon from biomass waste via microwave-assisted-H3PO4 activation for methylene blue dye adsorption: An optimized process
19Delineation of urban expansion influences urban heat islands and natural environment using remote sensing and GIS-based in industrial area
20A Comprehensive Optimization Approach Based on Cloud Computing for Logistic Sharing System Planning
21Optimizing the Complex Systems Reliability Using Mixed Strategy in Ultra-fast Gas Turbine Protection System
22Delineation of urban expansion and drought-prone areas using vegetation conditions and other geospatial indices
23Catalytic filtration: efficient C-C cross-coupling using Pd(II)-salen complex-embedded cellulose filter paper as a portable catalyst
24Long-term multi-step ahead forecasting of root zone soil moisture in different climates: Novel ensemble-based complementary data-intelligent paradigms
25Protective effects of dietary Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) essential oil against Malathion-induced toxicity in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
26Surface water sodium (Na+) concentration prediction using hybrid weighted exponential regression model with gradient-based optimization
27Groundwater level prediction using machine learning models: A comprehensive review
28Synthesis and Characterization of CoFe2 O4 Nanoparticles and Its Application in Removal of Reactive Violet 5 from Water
29Cytotoxicity evaluation of environmentally friendly synthesis Copper/Zinc bimetallic nanoparticles on MCF-7 cancer cells
30Determinants of Financial Performance: A Case from Oil and Gas Companies listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange
31Prediction of molecular diffusivity of organic molecules based on group contribution with tree optimization and SVM models
32Integrative artificial intelligence models for Australian coastal sediment lead prediction: An investigation of in-situ measurements and meteorological parameters effects
33Investigation of the Geotechnical Properties and Estimation of the Relative Density from the Standard Penetration Test in Sandy Soils (Case Study: North East of Iran)
34Transfer hydrogenation of nitroarenes using cellulose filter paper-supported Pd/C by filtration as well as sealed methods
35Optimization and design of machine learning computational technique for prediction of physical separation process
36On the prediction of methane fluxes from pristine tropical peatland in Sarawak: application of a denitrification–decomposition (DNDC) model
37Implementation of AdaBoost and genetic algorithm machine learning models in prediction of adsorption capacity of nanocomposite materials
38Mediating Role of Operational Performance in the Relationship of Total Quality Management, Green Information Technology, Supply Chain Management and Firm Performance
39Mediating Effect of Information System among the relationship of Technology Innovation, Management Innovation, and Operational Performance of Textile industry in Iraq
40Boosted artificial intelligence model using improved alpha-guided grey wolf optimizer for groundwater level prediction: Comparative study and insight for federated learning technology
41A new insight for real-time wastewater quality prediction using hybridized kernel-based extreme learning machines with advanced optimization algorithms
42Violation of Patent and Intellectual Property in Iraq: A Perspective of Cybercrimes
43Optimal preparation time in the vermicompost production process
44Impact of pollution caused by salmon breeding centers on river water quality
45Advances in Biosensing of Chemical Food Contaminants Based on the MOFs-Graphene Nanohybrids
46Physicochemical and Heavy Metal Properties of Soil Samples in Waste Disposal Site, Suq Al-Shyokh, Iraq
47Design of water supply networks for water transfer to the urban area Case study: Balikpapan city
48Noise pollution in rail transport. Case study: Baghdad subway
49Stress-Strain Relationships and Failure Load Analysis of Cement-Stabilized Rammed Earth under Concentric and Eccentric Loading Using Finite Element Modelling
50Optimal Energy Scheduling of Appliances in Smart Buildings Based on Economic and Technical Indices
51The Impact of Knowledge-based Economy on the Economic Growth of Middle Eastern Countries
52Analyzing food production risk with Monte Carlo simulation
53Multi-objective Mathematical Modeling for Scheduling Machines in Parallel with Batch Processors
54Study on herbicide residues in soybean processing based on UPLC-MS/MS detection
55Evaluation of food processing with the management of food, water, and energy nexus in Baghdad, Iraq
56Investigating fullerene-oxide nanostructure as an adsorbent of ammonia: Complexation efficiency by density functional theory
57Agriculture in Developing Countries: Cultural Differences, Vectors of Sustainable Development, Digitalization, and International Experience
58Environmental and Energy Efficiency as a Criterion for Sustainable Agriculture
59Investigation of parameters in restaurant food waste for use as poultry rations
60Advanced machine learning models development for suspended sediment prediction: comparative analysis study
61The assessment of emerging data-intelligence technologies for modeling Mg+2 and SO4−2 surface water quality
62Deep Learning for Prediction of Water Quality Index Classification: Tropical Catchment Environmental Assessment
63Integration of complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition with deep long short-term memory model for particulate matter concentration prediction
64Performance of the novel C-purlin tubular beams filled with recycled-lightweight concrete strengthened with CFRP sheet
65Functionalization of remote sensing and on-site data for simulating surface water dissolved oxygen: Development of hybrid tree-based artificial intelligence models
66Statistical modeling and mechanistic pathway for methylene blue dye removal by high surface area and mesoporous grass-based activated carbon using K2CO3activator
67Prediction of copper ions adsorption by attapulgite adsorbent using tuned-artificial intelligence model
68Modeling soil temperature using air temperature features in diverse climatic conditions with complementary machine learning models
69Daily scale river flow simulation: hybridized fuzzy logic model with metaheuristic algorithms
70Proposition of New Ensemble Data-Intelligence Models for Surface Water Quality Prediction
71Sustainable tourism planning (case study of Al-Manar City - Republic of Iraq) study of potentials and means of development
72Cancer Risk Assailments Due to Inhale Lead Fly Ash by People in Wasit Governorate - Iraq
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