SDG In (AUIQ) 10-تقليل عدم المساواة

Al -Ayen University Articles on the Sustainable Development Goal (10-educed inequalities)

No. Title 
1Optimizing the Interaction Between Two Closed-Loop Supply Chains Based on Inverse Logistics Using the Game Theory Method
2Households’ perceptions and socio-economic determinants of climate change awareness: Evidence from Selangor Coast Malaysia
3Cyberbullying of Household Women in Iraq: A Critical View for Prohibition of Violence
4The Impact of Knowledge-based Economy on the Economic Growth of Middle Eastern Countries
5High School Students' Attitudes towards E-Learning and Impacts of Online Instruction on Their General English Learning: Challenges and Issues
6An accelerated gradient-based optimization development for multi-reservoir hydropower systems optimization
7A Haar wavelet-based scheme for finding the control parameter in nonlinear inverse heat conduction equation
8Dual Water Choices: The Assessment of the Influential Factors on Water Sources Choices Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Market Basket Analysis
9Evaluating the Distribution of Health Services in Nasiriyah City by Utilizing Geomatics Techniques
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