SDG In (AUIQ) 8- العمل اللائق والنمو الاقتصادي.

Al -Ayen University Articles on the Sustainable Development Goal (8-Decent work and economic growth)
No. Title 
1Mechanical properties of concrete containing recycled aggregate from construction waste
2Optimizing the Complex Systems Reliability Using Mixed Strategy in Ultra-fast Gas Turbine Protection System
3Multi-strategy Slime Mould Algorithm for hydropower multi-reservoir systems optimization
4Corruption in Public Offices: A Way to Reduce Corrupt Practices
5Distributed Hydrological Model Based on Machine Learning Algorithm: Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Floods
6Determinants of Financial Performance: A Case from Oil and Gas Companies listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange
7Mediating Effect of Information System among the relationship of Technology Innovation, Management Innovation, and Operational Performance of Textile industry in Iraq
8Analyzing the role of environmental citizenship in addressing consequences of climate change from a social perspective
9Agriculture in Developing Countries: Cultural Differences, Vectors of Sustainable Development, Digitalization, and International Experience
10Environmental and Energy Efficiency as a Criterion for Sustainable Agriculture
11Use of Organic and Copper-Based Nanoparticles on the Turbulator Installment in a Shell Tube Heat Exchanger: A CFD-Based Simulation Approach by Using Nanofluids
12Sustainable tourism planning (case study of Al-Manar City - Republic of Iraq) study of potentials and means of development
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