SDG In (AUIQ) 2- القضاء على الجوع.


اغاثه متضررين الزلزال في سوريا


نسقت جامعه العين مع فريق من الطلبة لتوزيع المساعدات واغاثة المتضررين في الزلزال الذي ضرب سوريا وتركيا مؤخرا وقد قام الفريق بتقديم المساعدات الغذائية لمتضررين الزلزال في سوريا وتلبيه جزء من احتياجاتهم وزيارتهم والوقوف على مشاكلهم وذلك تعزيزا لأهداف التنمية المستدامة وتحقيق هدف القضاء على الفقر والجوع والمساواة بين الناس وتحقيق السلام على الأرض.

اغاثة متضررين الزلزال

جامعة العين تبدي استعدادها لتقديم الدعم اللازم لطلبة صفوف التربية الخاصة

من اجل الوقوف على البرامج التربوية المتخصصة التي تقدم لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة في مدارس المحافظة

التربية الخاصة

وفد من جامعة العين يزور دار رعاية المسنين في ذي قار 

ضمن اطار تواصل الجامعة مع المجتمع وممارسة دورها الفاعل والمؤثر فيه 

دار المسنيين

جامعة العين وسجن الناصرية الاصلاحي ومكتب مفوضية

 حقوق الانسان يبحثون الية تعاون مشترك

سجن الناصرية الاصلاحي

منحة دراسية مجانية

جامعة العين تجري مقابلة المتقدميين للمنحة الدراسية المجانية

تقرير مصور

Al -Ayen University Articles on the Sustainable Development Goal (2-Zero hunger)

No. Title 
1Deep clustering of cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning to optimize multi chiller HVAC systems for smart buildings energy management
2Effects of Various Irrigation Levels and Biochar-Based Fertilizers on Peanut Production
3Computational assessment of groundwater salinity distribution within coastal multi-aquifers of Bangladesh
4Coupled online sequential extreme learning machine model with ant colony optimization algorithm for wheat yield prediction
5Effects of water shortage on food legume crops
6Delineation of urban expansion influences urban heat islands and natural environment using remote sensing and GIS-based in industrial area
7Effects of Irrigation Method and Water Flow Rate on Irrigation Performance, Soil Salinity, Yield, and Water Productivity of Cauliflower
8Forecasting weekly reference evapotranspiration using Auto Encoder Decoder Bidirectional LSTM model hybridized with a Boruta-CatBoost input optimizer
9Groundwater level prediction using machine learning models: A comprehensive review
10Cytotoxicity evaluation of environmentally friendly synthesis Copper/Zinc bimetallic nanoparticles on MCF-7 cancer cells
11Predictability performance enhancement for suspended sediment in rivers: Inspection of newly developed hybrid adaptive neuro-fuzzy system model
12Implementation of AdaBoost and genetic algorithm machine learning models in prediction of adsorption capacity of nanocomposite materials
13Mutating fuzzy logic model with various rigorous meta-heuristic algorithms for soil moisture content estimation
14Optimal preparation time in the vermicompost production process
15Advances in Biosensing of Chemical Food Contaminants Based on the MOFs-Graphene Nanohybrids
16Effects of global warming on insect behaviour in agriculture
17Optimal Energy Scheduling of Appliances in Smart Buildings Based on Economic and Technical Indices
18The Impact of Knowledge-based Economy on the Economic Growth of Middle Eastern Countries
19Analyzing food production risk with Monte Carlo simulation
20Evaluation of food processing with the management of food, water, and energy nexus in Baghdad, Iraq
21Removal of heavy metals using food industry waste as a cheap adsorbent
22Agriculture in Developing Countries: Cultural Differences, Vectors of Sustainable Development, Digitalization, and International Experience
23Environmental and Energy Efficiency as a Criterion for Sustainable Agriculture
24Investigation of parameters in restaurant food waste for use as poultry rations
25Maximization of Water Productivity and Yield of Two Iceberg Lettuce Cultivars in Hydroponic Farming System Using Magnetically Treated Saline Water
26Projection of agricultural water stress for climate change scenarios: A regional case study of Iraq
27Determination of cotton and wheat yield using the standard precipitation evaporation index in Pakistan
28Exploring the exhaust emission and efficiency of algal biodiesel powered compression ignition engine: Application of box–behnken and desirability based multi‐objective response surface methodology
29Designing low-cost capacitive-based soil moisture sensor and smart monitoring unit operated by solar cells for greenhouse irrigation management
30Histomorphometric evaluation of the effects of local application of red clover oil (Trifolium pratense) on bone healing in rats
31Measurements The Concentration of Heavy Elements in Soil and Irrigation Water for Wheat Farms in Wasit Governorate
32Estimating the Concentration of Heavy Elements in Some Types of Imported and Local Wheat Flour used in Bakeries of Wasit Governorate
33Radioactivity Content of Wheat Fields in Wasit Governorate - Iraq
34The Annual Inhalation Radiation Effective Dose Estimations for Hookah Tobacco Smoking of Baghdad's Publics

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