A description of 103-107Pd Isotopes in the Interacting BosonFermion Model

Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesVolume 1279, Issue 1, 31 July 2019, Article number 0120771st International Scientific Conference Al-Ayen University; Al-Ayen UniversityAl Nasiriya, Thi-Qar; Iraq; 30 March 2019 through 31 March 2019; Code 150120
A description of 103-107Pd Isotopes in the Interacting BosonFermion Model
Waheed, M.O.a, Sharrad, F.I.a,b
aDepartment of Physics, College of Science, University of Kerbala, Karbala, 56001, Iraq
bCollege of Health and Medical Technology, Al-Ayen University, Al Nasiriya, Thi Qar, 64001, Iraq

Energy levels and B(E2) transitions for palladium isotopes with proton number Z=46 and neutron numbers (n) between 57 and 67 have been calculated through the interacting boson-fermion model. The set of parameters used in this calculation is the best approximation that has been carried out so far. Good agreement was found from comparison between the calculated energy levels and the transition probabilities B(E2) with those of experimental. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.